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Ekstra bladet massage dk fisse i randers

ekstra bladet massage dk fisse i randers

of appearances in the 24 different language editions of Wikipedia (descending order) and the century in which they were founded (ascending order)." A 2017 MIT study suggests that words used. Keen, Weekend Edition Saturday, June 16, 2007. Yasseri contended that simple reverts or "undo" operations were not the most significant measure of counterproductive behavior at Wikipedia and relied instead on the statistical measurement of detecting "reverting/reverted pairs" or "mutually reverting edit pairs". "Announcement of Wiktionary's creation". 114 In 2008, a Slate magazine article reported that: "According to researchers in Palo Alto, 1 percent of Wikipedia users are responsible for about half of the site's edits." 115 This method of evaluating contributions was later disputed. 285 286 Wikipedia Zero was an initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation to expand the reach of the encyclopedia to the developing countries. 289 290 Cultural impact Trusted source to combat fake news In 201718, after a barrage of false news reports, both Facebook and YouTube announced they would rely on Wikipedia to help their users evaluate reports and reject false news. This is still under development. ekstra bladet massage dk fisse i randers


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143 The Wikimedia Foundation hopes to increase the number of ekstra bladet massage dk fisse i randers editors in the Global South to 37 by 2015. 78 Vandalism Main article: Vandalism on Wikipedia Any change or edit that manipulates content in a way that purposefully compromises the integrity of Wikipedia is considered vandalism. The user interface and part of the content of the Domesday Project were emulated on a website until 2008. 40 These moves encouraged Wales to announce that Wikipedia would not display advertisements, and to change Wikipedia's domain from m to wikipedia. 210 Sanger also expressed concerns about access to the images on Wikipedia in schools. 226 Maher has stated that one of her priorities would be the issue of editor harassment endemic to Wikipedia as identified by the Wikipedia board in December. So why is it begging you to donate yours?". Brockhaus had been publishing reference books for two centuries when the media group bought it in 2008. Larry Sanger (December 31, 2004). It also has non-sexual photographs of nude children. Retrieved September 5, 2012. "Wikipedia: The know-it-all Web site". Articulations of wikiwork: uncovering valued work in Wikipedia through barnstars. Wikimedia has created the Wikidata project with a similar objective of storing the basic facts from each page of Wikipedia and the other WMF wikis and make it available in a queriable semantic format, RDF. "Wikipedia editors are a dying breed. 218 Operation Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia movement affiliates Main article: Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia is hosted and funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization which also operates Wikipedia-related projects such as Wiktionary and Wikibooks. Wikipedia The Missing Manual. The license gained popularity among bloggers and others distributing creative works on the Web. A b "Wikipedia Statistics (English. Retrieved December 18, 2008. The Economist reported that the number of contributors with an average of five or more edits per month was relatively constant since 2008 for Wikipedia in other languages at approximately 42,000 editors within narrow seasonal variances of about 2,000 editors up or down. Originally, rules on the non-English editions of Wikipedia were based on a translation of the rules for the English Wikipedia. Lam, Katherine Panciera, Loren Terveen, and John Riedl (2007). Retrieved February 3, 2007.

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